Illustration by Radar Online
Illustration by Radar Online

Bravo Network’s Voice Sued Over 330 K Salary

The golden-tonsiled man behind the voice of the Bravo network is being sued by his former talent manager for breach of — what else? — oral contract!

Rick Gomez, whose voice promos the Real Housewives series and Top Chef, among others, allegedly failed to pay commissions on his salary, a whopping $330,000-a-year.

You read right! The man ‘s voice is worth $27,500-a-month!

In court documents obtained by, the Hollywood-based Collective Management Group claims: “After receiving career advice from his talent manager, Gomez obtained the confidence to land numerous roles, including a role as ‘the voice of Bravo.’

“Then, after paying commissions to his talent manager for several years, without warning or justification, Gomez just stopped paying . . . and he has ignored every attempt to respond to Plaintiff’s repeated demands of it’s commissions.”

Collective Management is seeking $87,847.00 for past commissions.


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