Bugha’s Fortnite Team CEO Declares War On Stan Kroenke… In Esports Lawsuit

Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf‘s $3 MILLION victory at the Fortnite World Cup is adding even more fire to one of the nastiest feuds in Esports … involving a billionaire and one of the hottest execs in gaming.

TMZ Sports has obtained a lawsuit filed by Rob Moore — the CEO of Sentinels, one of the top Esports franchises in the world. Bugha is a key member of the team.

Rob Moore | Photo credite: Getty

Moore is suing Stan Kroenke‘s Esports company, KSE — claiming he was tapped to build and run Stan’s Esports empire in 2017 … only to be stiffed out of millions of dollars for his troubles.

As part of the deal, Moore claims KSE wanted him to oversee their already-existing Overwatch league team, the L.A. Gladiators.

Long story short … Moore says under the partnership with KSE, he put together a bunch of successful teams to compete in games from Fortnite and Apex Legends to League of Legends and Hearthstone.

Moore claims he not only scouted talent and signed some of the hottest gamers around — including Bugha and xQc — but he turned Stan’s Esports division into a financial winner.

Here’s where things get dicey … Moore claims in early 2019, KSE was interested in acquiring Rick Fox‘s Team Echo Fox — one of the most famous Esports franchises in the world.

The problem, Moore claims he never had a concrete contract with KSE in place … and he wanted a formal deal that would give him a significant equity stake in Echo Fox if KSE bought the team.

Moore says he reached an oral agreement with Stan’s son, Josh Kroenke, that was called a “Joint Venture” deal … but now, Moore claims KSE is trying to renege.

In his lawsuit, Moore claims KSE is essentially trying to say he doesn’t deserve equity because he isn’t as important to the company as he THINKS he is.

Moore claims his resume speaks for itself … and in the lawsuit, he actually points to Bugha’s $3 million Fortnite victory as proof that he’s great at his job.

Now, Moore is demanding compensation PLUS he wants 51% ownership of all KSE Esports teams including the L.A. Gladiators.

So, if the deal with Echo Fox goes through (it’s reportedly a $30 mil deal) … there’s a lot of money at stake for Moore.

Moore’s attorney Bryan Freedman tells TMZ Sports,

“KSE’s attempt to deny that Rob Moore and his team have been the sole operator of the successful Gladiators team is a transparent attempt to avoid their obligations under the joint venture agreement and has caused this lawsuit.”

We reached out to KSE for comment — we’re waiting for official word back.



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