Chris Harrison’s Multimillion-Dollar ‘Bachelor’ Payout: All the Details


I think for me as the host producer, friend, psychologist that I am, it allowed me to do my job better.

The former bachelor host according to a report threatened to spill nearly 20 years of dirt if he didn’t receive a 25 million dollar payout. News of his exit got a little awkward this morning on GMA. “There was a settlement, a buyout for him to leave now. I’m just wondering how much I would pay me to step away? Oh that wasn’t funny? I’m sorry.”

Harrison had originally told Michael Strahan he wanted to keep his job. “I plan to be back and i want to be back”.

So what changed? Well harrison’s team reportedly became quote outraged with a lack of network support. The man who helped him get millions, attorney Bryan Freedman, who represented Megyn Kelly in her 69 million exit deal from NBC and Gabrielle Union when she left AGT over accusations of workplace toxicity.

Chris who came under fire for minimizing a contestant’s racist behavior has been with the franchise for 19 years.

“Hi i’m Chris Harrison and no i’m not the bachelor”. And was a co-executive producer on Bachelor In Paradise. I like to picture how my show’s going to play out and you you know that’s what producers do.

So what’s next for the former host? Well, he could be moving to Austin, Texas where he’s building a house. We’re also told he’s getting calls about new projects but Fallon had jokes. “Right now he’s editing his resume, like, matchmaker with 19 years experience and three successful couples”.

As for his endorsement deals, while Harrison has been scrubbed from the website of wedding ring maker Manly Bands, last year he worked with Seagram’s to create a canned tropical rose. “Come with me to a world of delicious possibilities”… but we’ve learned that was a limited run that ended last summer. Still as of this morning the 49 year old had an active profile on Cameo. A site that allows fans to pay celebrities to send messages.



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