Instagram Influencer Alissa Violet Sues Faze Clan, Claims She’s Owed Shares

Influencer Alissa Violet is suing Faze Clan. She claims the company promised her shares in 2018 that she is yet to receive

Alissa Violet is suing Faze Clan over claims she is owed shares in the esports company.

Faze Clan is no stranger to the odd lawsuit and finds itself with a fresh one to add to the pile this week. A claim from influencer Alissa Violet that she was promised shares in the company after she gave up her Hubrick stock when the partnership between FaZe Clan and Hubrick Limited Was dissolved. FaZe Clan has denied all claims made in Violet’s complaint.

The claim stems from 2018 when FaZe Clan partnered with Hubrick Limited to expand both businesses. At the time, Violet, as well as a number of other FaZe Clan members, entered into an agreement to transfer shares from Faze to Hubrick. The partnership was dissolved later that same year, at which point Butler, along with many others, sued Hubrick for fraud.

Faze Clan logo
Faze Clan logo

Butler claims in this new lawsuit that she had an oral agreement with Faze Clan to give up her claims against Hubrick in exchange for Faze Clan common stock. The Hubrick matter has since been settled yet Butler hasn’t received the Faze stock she was allegedly promised. Faze denies these claims, and exactly how much Butler is claiming to be owed in stocks has not been revealed.

“[Faze Clan] specifically promised to compensate Alissa when it asked her to relinquish her Hubrick stock and asked her to dismiss her claims against Hubrick and others,” Butler’s attorney Bryan Freedman explains. “If Faze Clan simply abided by its promise to compensate her, Alissa would not have had to sue Faze Clan.” Faze Clan CEO Lee Trink said in a separate statement, “on this particular matter we’re in close communication and confident it’ll be resolved amicably.”

This isn’t the first time Faze Clan has been taken to court by one of its own members. In 2019, streamer Tfue sued the organization over the terms of his contract. Tfue claimed Faze was taking as much as 80% of his revenue while under contract with the company. In better news for Faze, the Clan has somehow managed to land itself a crossover with DC. The collab comic launches later this week to celebrate Batman day.



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