Judge rules defamation case against Britney Spears’ mother can go ahead

Defamation claims made against Britney Spears’ mother will remain part of a lawsuit filed by the pop star’s self-proclaimed ex-manager, Sam Lutfi.

Lutfi alleges that Lynne Spears made false statements in her tell-all book, Through the Storm: A Real Story Of Fame And Family In A Tabloid World.

Now, in a 13-page ruling, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Zaven V Sinanian found that lawyers for Lutfi had established a ‘prima facie claim for defamation’ against the pop star’s mother.

“This is a significant loss for Lynne Spears and a sign of things to come.”

“The ruling also sends a message that Lynne Spears cannot [allegedly] defame someone and try to find a legal technicality to try and subsequently justify her conduct.”

said Lutfi’s lawyer, Bryan J Freedman.

Lynne Spears’ lawyer, Michael Adler, said he had no immediate comment on the ruling.

Lutfi’s lawsuit maintains that Lynne Spears’ book contains false information, including that Lutfi admitted he threw away Britney’s phone chargers and

disabled her house phones, in an attempt to isolate her from her family.

It also alleges that the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, punched Lufti in the chest at the entertainer’s home in January 2008, and that the singer herself still owes him money for management fees.

Lynne Spears noted in her court papers that some of the statements in her book recount – often word for word – what she said in a defamation-proof court declaration that she made for a temporary restraining order to protect her famous daughter against Lutfi.


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