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Power Lawyers 2011 – Bryan Freedman

photo: 'Bryan Freedman' | (Credits:Courtesy of Bryan Freedman)
photo: ‘Bryan Freedman’ | (Credits:Courtesy of Bryan Freedman)

Bryan Freedman

Freedman & Taitelman

Freedman has lately found himself on the front lines of wars over what can be said on the Internet. He represents notorious Web personality Perez Hilton and litigious blogger Nikki Finke’s employer Penske Media Corp., and he litigated a first-of-its-kind Twitter defamation case against Courtney Love on behalf of a fashion designer. Eventually, Love settled for $430,000, a big win for Freedman’s client. Ever since, his phone has been ringing off the hook from hundreds of folks believing they, too, have been defamed on Twitter. He compares social media to the Wild West. “One day, we’ll look back in disbelief and say, ‘I can’t believe they could actually say that.'”


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