Sam Lutfi Tones Down Attack on Britney Spears

Britney Spears | Sam Lutfi
Britney Spears | Sam Lutfi

Oops…he did it again.

Britney Spears‘ former manager/sidekick Osama “Sam” Lutfi has filedan amended lawsuit against the pop princess, toning down the rhetoric from his original complaint but still making the same basic accusations: chief among them that mother Lynne Spears slandered him; father Jamie Spears assaulted him; and that the “Toxic” singer still owes him money for services rendered.

Acting on behaf of his daughter’s conservatorship, Jamie Spears obtained a temporary restraining order against Lutfi back in January to keep him out of her life.

On Feb. 3, Lutfi fired back with a lawsuit that included salacious allegations about her parents leeching off Britney.

That led to Team Spears to file a petition asking the court to toss out the first seven pages of Lutfi’s complaint, claiming the blistering charges were really a “calculated attempt to exploit the court system” to make public assertions that “no factual or legal moorings.”

Among the finer details in dispute: “every aspect of [Britney’s] life and more importantly, her fortune, has been controlled by her parents” and that the parents were losing control of their daughter, which “posed a serious threat to Jamie and Lynne” and their supposedly lavish lifestyles.

Such language was excised from the updated filing last Thursday, according to Lutfi lawyer Bryan Freedman, to “clarify” his client’s accusations against the popster.

“We think the amended complaint sets forth our claim in a more clear fashion. There were certain allegations that we wanted to clean up. “We felt [the language] provided some real background but we removed it…as far as the legal claims we’re seeking, it was irrelevant.”

Bryan Freedman tells E! News.

Jamie Spears’ attorney, Joel Boxer, could not be reached for comment.

While all this plays out, a judge could decide as soon as tomorrow to make permanent the restraining order against Lutfi and attorney John Eardley—ruling which Freedman said he will appeal should they come out on the wrong side.

Freedman also expressed a desire to bring Spears in from her Circus tour to explain why, if Lutfi was such a nuisance, she didn’t file her own restraining order against Lutfi before her father took control of her affairs.

“I think if she testified we’d at least understand the truth whether she suffered substantial emotional distress from Sam or whether she was reaching out and Sam helped her.”

Bryan Freedman added.

The Spears estate recently obtained a permanent restraining order against Britney former paparazzo paramour Adnan Ghalib, which will remain in place for three years.



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