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Zooey Deschanel Says Suit By Ex-Manager Over ‘New Girl’ Commissions Is ‘Meritless’

Seven Summits Pictures & Management filed a complaint against the New Girl star in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, according to The Hollywood Reporter. However, she accused them of getting work for her when it was not legally allowed. According to press reports, Hello Giggles was sold anywhere between $20 million to $30 million in October. The company says Deschanel “retaliated by ceasing to pay commissions on her projects, including “New Girl, ‘” after Seven Summits asked for commissions from income for Deschanel’s entertainment and lifestyle website, Hello Giggles”.

A portion of the court documents read: “On November 16, 2015, after Seven Summits learned that Deschanel received money in connection with the sale of Hello Giggles, Seven Summits requested that Deschanel pay Seven Summits” 10% commission on her income from Hello Giggles… but Deschanel refused to pay any such commissions’. The firm also mentioned that it owed money for the website “Hello Giggles”, owned by her. The complaint leaves out exact dollar figures, though if the case doesn’t settle, her paychecks could become public. Representatives for Deschanel did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

“As an excuse, Deschanel is claiming that the signature on the agreement is not hers, an allegation that is false, as indicated by the fact that Deschanel actually paid commissions pursuant to that agreement for many years”, the lawsuit states. The Talent Agencies Act prohibits managers from procuring employment.

Seven Summits further alleges that the actress has claimed the management company may have not been licensed to represent her when she first began her career in the late Nineties, which they deny. “Aside from being untrue, Deschanel’s claim is not a reasonable excuse for deciding to withhold payment for services from a dutiful adviser who worked diligently for 17 years”.

The actress and singer parted ways with Seven Summits in 2013.


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