Azealia Banks Sued For Stalking & Threatening Former Label CEO

The outspoken rapper is being sued by her former label head for a series of erratic threatening behavior

Tensions between Azaelia Banks and the CEO of her former label have been escalating in recent months.

This summer, Banks urged fans to stop streaming her debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste,” which is when Prospect Park CEO Jeff Kwatinetz [represented by Michael Taitelman of Freedman + Taitelman, LLP] alleges she began levying accusations of “perceived injustices and advancing false claims, including that Prospect Park is withholding royalties.” He went on to call her album a “financial failure” that he said was entirely Banks’ own fault and led to her being dropped from the label “due to her erratic behavior as well as for refusing to engage in basic promotion for her album. 

Banks claimed that she was the victim of bad business and that Kwatinetz “stole all the money and sent a 15k check for album that has been streamed over 200m times.”

The lawsuit alleges that Banks sicced her fans on the exec to apply the pressure on him as she “threatened the lives of Kwatinetz and his wife and young children, and posted photos of herself outside his home in Los Angeles shortly before an attempted robbery of that home.”

Kwatinetz’ complaint also alleged that Banks threatened to leak his address on social media and circulated rumours that he was responsible for the death of late actress Brittany Murphy. The complaint is firm in its assertion that Banks was conducting a “coordinated campaign of extortion…[to receive] money to which she is not entitled.”

Banks’ point of view seems to be that Kwatinetz is reluctant to give her the money she believes she deserves because he lost it all. 

Kwatinetz has also asked the court for a restraining order that will keep Banks away from him and his family. 



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