Bombshell information dropped by Tfue’s lawyer regarding FaZe Clan lawsuit

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan blew up the internet on May 20 when it was reported by the Hollywood Reporter that the Fortnite star would be suing the esports organization over an “oppressive” contract. 

Tfue’s lawsuit against FaZe Clan sent ripples across the esports and entertainment industries on May 20 when the Hollywood Reporter’s article was released.

FaZe Clan founder and owner Banks went on a rapid-fire tweet spree sharing his raw, unfiltered emotions while personalities from around the industry shared their own.

A few days later, the young Fortnite star finally shared his thoughts on the matter and released a video on his YouTube begging FaZe Clan to release his contract or at least allow him to talk about it publicly.

Tfue’s contract was later leaked to The Blast which showed horrendous splits, with some providing 80% to FaZe Clan and only 20% to the personality.

FaZe Clan and allegedly illegal contracts

On June 14, theScore esports published a YouTube video which included new details regarding the lawsuit and an exclusive interview with Tfue’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman.

According to Freedman, Tfue’s team offered FaZe Clan a new contract but the esports organization’s own legal team offered illegal revisions in return.

“Those contracts provide for illegal procurement with a talent agency license. Even worse, those contracts attempted to get Turner [Tfue] to waive the California Talent Agency Act. No one could possibly sign something like that because it would be so illegal.”

Tfue & Banks
photo: ‘Tfue & Banks’ | (Credit: Instagram : Banks)

Tfue’s lawyer is standing by the fact that FaZe Clan is acting illegally by running like a talent agency company without owning the proper license. The Fortnite star’s legal team has already filed with the California Labor Commission.

“We presented FaZe Clan with a contract that Turner would accept. It was as close to a legal contract as you could get. But that wasn’t good enough for them, they got rid of half of it and made it illegal once again.”

It seems like the fight is still ongoing, but Freedman believed that Tfue’s contract with FaZe Clan will be “void” one way or another.


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