Tucker Carlson And Don Lemon Both Lawyer Up — With Same Attorney

This attorney has developed a practice as the go-to lawyer for fired TV hosts.

You might have thought there was a weird glitch in the matrix yesterday, when two cable news mainstays on two different channels both got the ax from their respective jobs. Or perhaps it was National Cable News Cleaning House Day, and you’d just never noticed before.

In any event, both Don Lemon, formerly of CNN, and Tucker Carlson, formerly of Fox News, are now out of work. And neither split looks amicable. Lemon said on Twitter he was “stunned” by the move, something the network disputed. Carlson was reportedly pushed out of his job by Rupert Murdoch, and is said to be “blindsided” by his ouster.

Like any good disgruntled former employee, both men have lawyered up. With the same attorney.

Bryan Freedman earned his J.D. from University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law and has developed a niche in the entertainment law market, representing former televisions hosts against their networks. He repped Sage Steele in her legal battle with ESPN. He also represented former Bachelor host Chris Harrison when he was let go from the show. Freedman negotiated the exit agreement between Megyn Kelly and NBC. He was Gabrielle Union’s lawyer after she was let go from America’s Got Talent.  He’s also Chris Cuomo’s attorney in that messy network departure.

Just another way the careers of Carlson and Lemon will be linked going forward.



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