Tfue’s lawyer calls parts of FaZe Clan’s lawsuit against Tfue “Laughable”

The drama between FaZe Clan and Tfue isn’t going away any time soon, but Tfue’s lawyer says FaZe may have thrown the case against his client.

Real quick, let’s recap the Tfue-FaZe drama. Everyone is probably aware of the story at this point, but a quick refresher. Tfue signed a three year rookie deal with FaZe Clan in April of 2018.

Right after, he began to blow up in popularity and that fall he won the Fall Skirmish alongside Cloakzy to become the winningest Fortnite player by prize pool. Also around that time, although unbeknownst to us, FaZe claims they were trying to renegotiate a deal with Tfue.

He reportedly turned them down over and over, and eventually filed a lawsuit against FaZe Clan in spring of 2019, just one third of the way through his contract.

That was when everything blew up. FaZe Banks released a video titled “Dear Tfue” that his lawyers probably hated and an angry tweetstorm.

Then, just last month, FaZe counter-sued Tfue. While the original lawsuit was filed in California, FaZe targeted Tfue in New York courts. That’s the recap of the situation, so now here’s what is new:

Tfue’s Lawyer Comes after FaZe’s Lawsuit

In a new interview with theScore esports, Tfue’s lawyer (Bryan Freedman) says he was celebrating when he went over the new lawsuit.

“After I read the complaint, I actually had to check the date on the calendar because I thought it was Christmas. I thought someone had given my client a present. This complaint filed in New York is an absolute gift.”

Bryan Freedman

Now obviously Freedman is an attorney representing Tfue and his stance is clearly going to be biased because of that, but his reasons for celebrating this new lawsuit seem to make sense.

For more of the lawyer’s quotes and added context around this new lawsuit, check out the video from theScore which breaks it all down:


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